Investing in London

One of the most vibrant cities in the world. London is a stunning place to invest in property at any time.

London is the leading global financial centre with overseas investment at a high. Investors find the London market as diverse and vibrant.

The confidence in London is super strong making the G7 Economy being politically and economically safe. The simplicity and efficiency of the UK legal system and market practices means Investors are able to access accurate and quick market information. The easy entry and exit to investments is ultra attractive to all investors.

Infrastructure Investment is massive with the new Crossrail ( and HS2 (<a title="HS2" href="https://www see this” target=”_blank”>

Central London is continually expanding  – Stratford now being a “Core” and having super fast connections to the city and West End and Canary Wharf being a massive financial district.

Certain areas like Kensington, Knightsbridge, Chelsea & Swiss Cottage are virtually recession proof and a safe bet.

The debt market in the United Kingdom has continued  to improve with low interest rates resulting in borrowers  being able to secure competitive financial terms on London Assets.

Overseas investors are able to get an attractive tax regime. No UK tax on capital gains for non UK residents and this applies to deals negotiated or signed in the UK.

We here at SKAMPI are able to source attractive property deals for all investors and offer a bespoke service. With 20 years of experience and low fees we are here to assist and guide all Investors through the London minefield of property.

Royal Docks London E16

London is comparable to the top Cities of the world – Hong Kong, Dubai, Sydney, New York etc. Currently we believe it is a great time to invest in a property in the Royal Docks area. The investment currently being poured in is huge. Where else in the world can you have an Airport, River, Cable cars,trains, sky scrapers, exhibitions centers and great architechure all in one location team task management. If you are a first time investor then its a great time to buy and let out a 1 or 2 bedroom property in the area. The rentals are up and demand is increasing.
The addition of Crossrail will be another huge benefit to the area and this will happen in 2017 (

SKAMPI are here to assist any serious and dynamic individuals who wish to Invest and take advantage of the area. We have lots of experiance and will guide on buying, letting and maintaining. SKAMPI are a “one stop” Shop for Investment needs. Please call our dedicated team to discuss in confidence – 020 79874646 or email

MOVING WITH THE TIMES…… task manager app.. 2015

Skampi have been around since 1997 but this is the first major move towards modern times.

These days we spend most of our time online – PC, Tablets, Mobile Phones, etc. etc.
Our website has been revised and is better than ever, simpler and informative.
We will shortly be launching our online Estate & Letting agency providing everyone two very distinct options… Traditional or Modern.
Our aim would be to save our clients a small fortune by using our Modern approach but then there will be clients who prefer the traditional ways.

We have launched our Facebook page and this is attracting lots of visitors  from all over the globe. Try visiting

2015 will also finally introduce our International offices, primarily in Sydney, Australia and Dubai. We will be aiming to provide clients residing in these countries an opportunity to use SKAMPI as their main agent for their UK based properties. Further details of this will be available in due course.

To sum up our first blog please continue to view our website for new properties loaded weekly and do contact us if you require  any property advice.

Adnan Mallick