MOVING WITH THE TIMES…… task manager app.. 2015

Skampi have been around since 1997 but this is the first major move towards modern times.

These days we spend most of our time online – PC, Tablets, Mobile Phones, etc. etc.
Our website has been revised and is better than ever, simpler and informative.
We will shortly be launching our online Estate & Letting agency providing everyone two very distinct options… Traditional or Modern.
Our aim would be to save our clients a small fortune by using our Modern approach but then there will be clients who prefer the traditional ways.

We have launched our Facebook page and this is attracting lots of visitors  from all over the globe. Try visiting

2015 will also finally introduce our International offices, primarily in Sydney, Australia and Dubai. We will be aiming to provide clients residing in these countries an opportunity to use SKAMPI as their main agent for their UK based properties. Further details of this will be available in due course.

To sum up our first blog please continue to view our website for new properties loaded weekly and do contact us if you require  any property advice.

Adnan Mallick

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